Visual Outline of Gendun Drups Commentary on Abhidharmakosha

Visual Outline of Gendun Drups Commentary on Abhidharmakosha

Gendün Drup’s commentary on the Abhidharmakosha – ”Clarifying the Path to Liberation” – has an outline with 19 levels and hundereds of sub-sections… To keep an overview of the structure of this text nonetheless, a visual outline can be helpful.

This outline is based on translations from the FPMT Masters Program.


Download the diagrams

Simple list of headings

The download contains:

  • a big diagram with the complete outline
  • much smaller partial diagrams with an overview of the text and separate diagrams for each chapter.

Each diagram is available in several formats, including PDF. There are versions that can be viewed on the screen but also printable versions where the diagram has been split into A4 pages so that it can be easily printed and then glued together to make a paper form of the complete diagram. The printable versions come in two sizes. The larger versions of the printable diagrams have a larger font size that might be a bit more pleasant to read but they also need almost twice as much paper to print. For most people the smaller diagrams will be a lot more practical.

The big diagram with the complete outline is very big – even with the smaller font size it takes up 36 A4 pages and is about 3,5 meters wide. The alternative partial diagrams for each chapter are much more manageable, however and only take 3-6 A4 pages each.

Online version (Flash required for viewing!)

You can view the complete outline as a zoomable online version. Clicking on a region or using the zoom-controls at the bottom will allow you to enlarge a part of the diagram.

Technical information

The outline was generated with custom shellscripts, manual cleanup, some perl and – most importantly – dot from the fantastic graphviz package. The resultant diagram was then made printable onto normal A4 pages with poster.